In this modern age of advanced materials, technologies and manufacturing techniques, steel bicycles continue to prevail and command mythical status within the global cycling community. Steel has a unique ride quality that no other raw material can truly replicate, with the ability to create a lasting personal connection between the rider and the bike. Steel has true character: a warmth and a feel that makes every pedal stroke - hard or loose - a moment to treasure. Steel is unpretentious; a modest servant to the continuous challenge of speed and victory, on the steepest climb, the tightest bank or the fastest decent.

Gran Criterium

The Masi Gran Criterium is undeniably our most iconic bicycle. First manufactured in Milan in 1970, the "Gran Crit" evolved out of a custom frame that Faliero Masi had designed and supplied to Eddy Merckx. And when Masi arrived in California in the early 1970s, it was the Gran Criterium that emerged from the first production phase to become a symbol of Masi’s ambition in the thriving US Scene.

When we drew up a wish list for the creation of a modern, US made Gran Criterium, we understood the size and importance of the task. The challenge of honoring one of the most iconic racing bicycles of the 20th century, led us to the belief that this frame should point forwards and become a statement of our beliefs and intent. Utilizing Custom drawn, Columbus Life tube profiles, this frame is both lightweight and rigid. The tapered ENVE Fork produces stability in the cockpit and completes a high quality package that includes a limited edition custom Masi kit, designed and produced by Castelli.

Cross Campaigner

The USA made; Masi Cross Campaigner, lives up to its billing as the Cyclo-Cross package for the entire, seasonal Campaign. Built with a modern agenda and intelligent CX specific geometry, the frame pairs with an ENVE Composite thru axle disc fork and carves through the CX Landscape like no other. Utilizing a series of custom drawn, Italian made Columbus Life tube profiles - to form double "S Bend" seat stays, right/left specific chain stays and convenient lift and carry points – The "Campaigner" embodies the ethos of speed and versatility, while relishing the hardships of the fight.

Designed, built and hand painted in Southern California, the Masi USA Cross Campaigner is packaged with a custom made and Limited Edition Masi kit; designed and produced by Castelli. This kit will ONLY be sold with this frame, so if you happen to see another rider wearing these technical threads; you will quickly recognize the drive, desire and character of that individual.



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