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Few modern brands are as inextricably linked to cycling culture as Cicli Masi. Founded in 1926 in rural Florence, the small enterprise grew and evolved through the vision of one dedicated and committed young man to become one of the most celebrated institutions in the history of the bicycle. This 144 page hard-cover book brings to life the story of a genuine innovator through the research and narrative of bicycle historian Dominic Phipps. Illustrated with imagery drawn from the deepest European press archives, and with candid and insightful recollection from a group of ex company employees, frame builders and production staff, "Ninety Years of Masi" navigates the companies journey through the glorious "Golden Era" of European bicycle racing, the unparalleled, US Ten-Speed-bicycle boom of the early 1970's, and up to the modern era, where performance gains are measured in grams, degrees and wattage.

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