Vivo Series

The 2017 Masi Vivo range offers genuine performance options to the endurance rider. Blending leading edge technology with long distance ride comfort and versatility, the Vivo becomes the perfect companion for long days in the saddle. Utilizing our proprietary MC9 Comfort Tuned carbon fiber frame, disc brakes and relaxed, compliant, geometry, the Vivo copes with everything from the century ride to the mountain climb.

Vivo Uno

MSRP: 1,959.99

Vivo Uno Bellissima

MSRP: 1,959.99

Vivo Due

MSRP: 2,169.99

Vivo Due Bellissima

MSRP: 2,169.99

Vivo Tre

MSRP: 2,499.99

Vivo Quattro

MSRP: 3,049.99
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