Performance Series

Masi has designed and manufactured performance level racing bikes for over 90 years. When steel was the big deal, we found inventive ways to produce marginal gains and winning positions for the worlds fastest bike racers. In 2017, we reflect on Masi’s long history as an industry leader, and we embrace the evolution of our brand, and our beliefs. Modern materials present a wealth of new options, and our commitment to innovation continues to define the heart and soul of the bicycles we produce. The Masi Performance range has never been as smart, intelligent and fast as it is in 2017. Leading edge equipment, for winning mentalities. Ride hard with us, and we’ll see you on the other side.


MSRP: 789.99

Alare Disc

MSRP: 949.99

Vincere Disc

MSRP: 1,139.99


MSRP: 1,299.99

Gran Corsa

MSRP: 1,409.99

Gran Corsa Disc

MSRP: 1,409.99

Caffe Corsa

MSRP: 1,039.99

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